Fairchild Releases P-Channel MOSFET In 1 x 1.5mm WL-CSP Package

Fairchild Semiconductor states that it brings designers of smart phones, cell phones, netbooks, medical and other portable applications a single P-Channel MOSFET that is said to enable higher levels of efficiency and a small form factor. The FDZ197PZ offers an RDS(ON) value of 64mΩ at VGS= -4.5V, 15% less than alternate solutions. This feature increases efficiency and offers a 1 x 1.5 mm footprint, reducing board space requirements. Its WL-CSP package is said to provide excellent power dissipation and conduction losses characteristics compared to conventional plastic-packaged MOSFETs in a similar footprint.

According to the company, unlike other MOSFETs in its class, the FDZ197PZ offers robust ESD capability (4kV), protecting the device from stresses caused by ESD events that could potentially disable the application.

This P-Channel MOSFET is fabricated with Fairchild’s advanced-performance PowerTrench® MOSFET process technology, making it possible to achieve lower RDS (ON) and higher load currents in smaller package sizes. The WL-CSP package features 6 x 300µm Pb-free solder balls for the board connection, providing excellent electrical and thermal resistance values compared to other WL-CSP pin outs. It features a low package height of only 0.65mm when mounted, facilitating slimmer designs.

The FDZ197PZ is part of a comprehensive portfolio of advanced MOSFETs and answers the industry’s need for compact, low-profile, high performance MOSFETs for charging, load switching, dc-dc and boost applications.

The units are priced (each, 1000 pcs.) at US $0.35 with a delivery of 8-12 weeks ARO.

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
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