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ZAP Unveils Electric Z-Boat

ZAP Power Systems (Sebastopol, CA) announced the expansion of its product line with the sales launch of a new electric boat called the Z-Boat. The launch is part of ZAP's strategy of expanding its product selection to include a variety of forms of electric transportation on its Internet shopping mall and in its ZAP Outlet franchise stores.The Z-Boat is a low-speed, two-person watercraft designed for cruising in areas where power boars are not permitted. Constructed of lightweight, hand-laid fiberglass, the 122-inch boat travels at up to six miles per hour, and is intended for fresh water activities such as touring, fishing and photography. A center console houses an electronic fingertip sensitive control lever that propels the boat both forward and reverse. A single deep-cycle battery includes a built-in battery tester. A single charge lasts up to eight hours. The battery is recharged using a 110V charger with automatic shut-off. ZAP is marketing the Z-Boat at a price of $3,500."We feel electric boats will help address rising concerns about water pollution," stated ZAP Communications Director Alex Campbell. "When you couple that with rising gas prices, people are looking for alternatives.

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