PowerPulse Product Perspective

Most-read new product stories in January from 5-, 10- and 15-years ago. Another PowerPulse exclusive.

  1. SurgeGate Modular Rackmount Surge Protector Offers Savings of up to 40% in Costs, 80% in Labor Requirements
  2. Amphenol Enhances 2M Series Connector for Military/Industrial Applications
  3. ROHM Intros Low Quiescent Current Technology for Linear and Switching Regulators
  4. Avago Introduces New Generation of Smart Gate Drive Optocoupler
  5. Allegro Adds Dual Analog/PWM Programmable Linear IC for Applications Requiring Output Redundancy
  6. Solite Lighting Energy Ecosystem is Self-Contained, Operating Day and Night -Essentially Off-Grid
  7. Digital LED Driver Addresses Cost and Lifetime Issues in Price-Sensitive Retrofit Bulbs
  8. Yokowo Intros First IPX7-Rated Waterproof Cradle Connector
  9. Molex Introduces First-to-Market LED Array Plastic Interconnection Technology
  10. ABB and Ambient Collaborate on Advanced Power Quality Monitoring Solution
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