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You can Join the GaN Power Roundtable Discussion

This year’s Darnell Energy Summit (DES ’14) to be hosted in Richmond, Virginia, September 23-25 will feature several extended sessions and roundtable panels discussing the latest developments in Energy Harvesting, GaN Power Devices and 380Vdc Power. DES ’14 is a combined event featuring the Eleventh Darnell Power Forum (DPF ’14) + the Sixth Green Building Power Forum (GBPF ’14) + the Fifth Smart Grid Electronics Forum (SGEF ’14).

The Roundtable Panel session on GaN Power Devices will start off with full technical papers including: Pushing the State-of-the-Art in High-Frequency Hard-Switching Converters using eGaN®FETs, Johan Strydom, VP Applications Engineering, Efficient Power Conversion Corp.; HV GaN, Just How Reliable is this New Material?, Carl Blake, Vice President, Transphorm, Inc.; 600V GaN Cascode Switches Drive Advanced Power Supply Topologies, Eric Persson, Executive Director GaN Applications and Marketing, International Rectifier Corp.; and Wide Band Gap Power Device Evaluation Challenges and Technologies, Nick Buonamico, Agilent Technologies, Inc. The session will conclude with an open roundtable panel featuring those same speakers. Join them in discussing and debating the future of GaN power devices!

Darnell Group has also announced the Keynote and Plenary speakers for DES '14. The Keynote presentation on “Smart Materials Enhance Efficiency of Building, Micro Grid, and Alternative Energy Systems,” will be presented by Mary Doswell, Senior Vice President – Retail and Alternative Energy Solutions, Dominion Power. It will be followed by presentations from thought leaders across North America and Europe. Topics will range from smart materials for energy harvesting to next-generation materials for power semiconductors to micro grids and the smart gird.

Plenary Session 1 on the morning of September 23, will include: A review of Energy Harvesting Materials and Techniques, Dr. K. Mossi, Ph.D., Graduate Program Director, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department, School of Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University; GaAs Powering Forward, Bob Conner, CEO, Founder, Sarda Technologies, Inc.; GaN Transistors Giving New Life to Moore's Law, Alex Lidow, CEO, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation; and Aluminum-Nitride for High-Voltage Power Electronics, Baxter Moody, Director of Device Development, HexaTech, Inc.

Plenary Session 2 will follow in the afternoon and will include: Silicon-Carbide Power Electronics for Energy Applications: Perspectives, Targets, and the path to Applications through European Union SPEED Project, Dr. Daniel Fernández, CTO of INAEL Electrical Systems and coordinator of EU project SPEED; European Union DCC+G (DC Components +Grid) Project, an Update, Bernd Wunder, Fraunhofer Institute and BJ Sonnenberg, Emerson Network Power; Smart Grid 2.0: The Energy Internet, Alex Huang, Progress Energy Distinguished Professor, North Carolina State University; and The Integrated Grid: Realizing the Full Value of Central and Distributed Energy Resources, Brian Fortenbery, Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

You will find the complete DES '14 Schedule here, including details about the Keynote presentation, Plenary sessions, General sessions, and Post-conference Seminar.

Darnell's Energy Summit will be hosted in Richmond, Virginia, September 23-25. Save the Dates! And Save your Place with an Early Registration today.

Darnell's Energy Summit
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