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Xtreme Power Launches Utility-Scale Frequency-Regulation System

Xtreme Power unveiled the RPM 2000 product line, a high power, cost effective answer to the frequency regulation environment facing today’s electricity providers and grid operators. New grid realities require new solutions, and the RPM 2000 is designed to meet these needs with response speed and power accuracy unattainable by traditional generation resources.

The RPM 2000 is a 2 MW, 15-minute duration power management and energy storage system engineered to provide unmatched high-speed, precision frequency regulation service. The RPM 2000 combines the real-time controls of the Xtreme Active Control Technology™ (XACT™) and intelligent power conversion systems with advanced lithium energy storage technology to accurately respond to grid disturbances, up to 50 times faster than conventional generation options. In addition, the RPM 2000 is a fully automated system that is highly reliable with low operating costs and no start-up costs. Its flexible and modular design allows for easy installation, incremental expansion, and simplified project siting.

“Maintaining the critical balance between energy supply and demand is the constant concern of today’s electrical grid operators, and with more renewable energy sources coming online every year, maintaining that balance will become even more critical,” said Alan Gotcher, Chief Executive Officer of Xtreme Power. “Late last year, when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ordered Independent System Operators to revise their frequency regulation markets to better utilize new fast-acting technologies, they virtually anticipated the RPM 2000. Our battery-based energy storage technology is the fastest, most reliable and effective way to ensure frequency regulation on a stressed grid. We couldn’t be more proud to offer this high power technology at just the right time for the industry.”

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