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Wafer-Level Testing for High-Current and High-Voltage GaN and SiC

Cascade Microtech, Inc. today at PCIM Europe announced new additions to round out its power device test and measurement solutions from the engineering lab through production volume. The Ultra High-Power (UHP) probe, coupled with the expansion of thermal chuck capabilities, now supports testing at both high-current and high-voltage with one contact. Recent developments in semiconductor technology allow devices to operate at higher voltages and handle higher currents. To fully characterize these devices, manufacturers will need to test efficiently under extreme conditions. The industry is driving new test and measurement capabilities, such as the ability to switch between states and characterize the device in both high-current and high-voltage modes.

Previous test and measurement limitations led to multiple touchdowns, resulting in pad damage and errors that reduced throughput. Cascade Microtech’s new Ultra High-Power (UHP) probe is the first of its kind to easily alternate between high-current and high-voltage setups, answering these emerging needs. With the UHP probe, only a single touchdown is needed, decreasing test setup time, reducing risk of errors, minimizing device pad damage and extending probe life.

The UHP probe has a maximum working voltage of 10 kV at temperatures up to 200 degrees C and 8kV at 300 degrees C to meet the needs of MOSFET and IGBT devices. The probe has a maximum current handling capability of 300 A (allowing 600 A when using two probes in parallel), and is operational up to 300 degrees C to address SiC devices used in automotive and powertrain applications. The UHP probe comes with a selection of probe tips to accommodate different pad sizes.

A Complete Power Device Measurement Solution Cascade Microtech offers a complete power device measurement system, when the UHP probe is paired with its Tesla semi-automated probe systems. The Tesla probe stations now can be configured with newly enhanced thermal chucks that have expanded capabilities to 10 kV/600 A to characterize vertical devices such as IGBTs in a temperature range of -55 degrees C up to 300 degrees C. For power device characterization and low volume production, the system works with Agilent’s B1505A parametric analyzer, and their ultra-high current (N1265A) and ultra-high voltage (N1268A) expander units. Customers can have a complete solution enabling high power measurement capability to characterize devices up to 10 kV and currents in excess of 500 A pulsed. All with one touchdown — and one setup.

Automated On-wafer Power Device Probing Cascade Microtech has also been meeting high-power device measurement challenges in a production environment with the first fully-automated on-wafer probe system. Rated up to 10k V/400 A, the APS200TESLA delivers unmatched electrical performance for high-voltage and high-current device characterization at production speeds. The APS200TESLA allows customers to save time by avoiding unnecessary dicing and packaging prior to final test. By testing on-wafer in a production environment, the APS200TESLA enables customers to reduce test costs and get their products to market faster.

“We’ve been able to make some great innovations in power device testing as we work closely with customers and others in the industry,” said Debbora Ahlgren, vice president of marketing, Cascade Microtech. “Our test and measurement solutions enable easy, fast and safe measurements of IGBT and MOSFET high-power devices at the wafer level. In both engineering and production environments, we can help increase throughput and improve measurement reliability.”

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