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Ultra-High Density Servo Drives Deliver over 10kW of Qualitative Power

Elmo Motion Control has doubled the power of its ultra-small, already powerful servo drive, the Gold Twitter, to suit the most demanding applications in the era of Industry 4.0.

With a weight of only 33 grams and continuous currents of 160° (80V) and 140° (100V), the new Double Gold Twitter delivers over 10kW of qualitative power, proving a great fit for applications that require a reduced footprint and high power, such as large robotic vehicles, antennas and tracking systems, high power machine tooling, large printer rolls and more.

The Double Gold Twitter is among the smallest STO-certified (IEC 61800-5-2, SIL-3) servo drives on the market. It features Elmo's proprietary and innovative Fast and Soft Power Switching Technology (FASST), which ensures optimal power-device switching and delivers over 99-percent efficiency and negligible electro-magnetic interference (EMI).

This extreme efficiency allows for its miniature size, meaning that the Double Gold Twitter can be placed on a moving load, on the motor or inside the motor, helping engineers save space, improve machine performance, reduce cables and eliminate electrical cabinets, while delivering unprecedented power.

Haim Monhait, CEO, Elmo Motion Control, said, “The Double Gold Twitter builds upon Elmo’s philosophy of creating leaner machinery that performs with the highest speed and accuracy possible—a testament to our commitment to ‘Cutting Costs by Technology'.

"Our robust motion control solutions are integrated at the heart of the machines, enabling them to function with the highest speed and precision possible. With unmatched capabilities and power, Elmo’s products and technology support advanced motion systems both today and into the future," Monhait stated.

Elmo Motion Control Inc.
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