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Two RGB LED Drivers Broaden ISSI’s FxLED Product Line

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI) has released the IS31FL3196 and IS31FL3199 FxLED LED drivers to product developers looking to add a splash of color to set apart their unique designs. ISSI’s FxLED product line consists of low power RGB drivers housed in tiny packages which easily fit within the space-constrained designs found in digital consumer wearables such as health bands, smart watches, glasses, smart phones and multimedia, gaming peripherals and other Internet of Things devices.

The IS31FL3196 and IS31FL3199 are Dual-RGB and Triple-RGB LED drivers with six and nine current sources respectively. They are programmed via an I2C interface to create eye catching lighting effects from a palette of 16 million colors. These devices feature an auto breathing mode for smooth brightness to dimming color effects and audio synchronization to add the music dimension to any product. For applications that require more RGB LEDs, designers have the option of serially connecting additional devices or can choose from other ISSI FxLED family of devices which support a greater number of LEDs up to 144.

The IS31FL3196 and IS31FL3199 are available in tiny QFN 3x3mm packages and exhibit an ultra-low operating voltage and current, making them ideal for portable battery applications as well as non-battery designs found in home appliance displays, thermostats, Internet of Things devices, industrial informational displays, and automotive in cabin applications. These FxLED Drivers provide the system designer control over a range of colors and brightness to create the “wow” factor in their end products.

“We are pleased to announce the new addition to ISSI’s FxLED family of drivers. The RGB LED drivers have been designed into some of the industry’s most well received consumer wearable, Internet of Things devices and multimedia products,” said Ven Shan, ISSI VP of Analog products. “Our FxLED drivers bring out the color and functionality to help our customers create standout products as evidenced by the awards won at the 2014 CES show last January.”

The FxLED family of Matrix, Multichannel and RGB LED drivers provides system designers with a wide range of options for bringing eye-catching color functionality to consumer electronics. For example, the Matrix line of LED drivers can be used to build an LED graphic panel for message boards and animated graphic displays; the Multichannel drivers can be used with light guides for informative appliance displays and the RGB drivers are perfect for low-cost color lighting.

Overall, ISSI’s broad portfolio of FxLED drivers simplifies the blending of Red-Green-Blue LEDs to produce a broad range of predefined colors and sequences driving 3 to 144 LED channels. The IS31FL3196 and IS31FL3199 are shipping in volume and are available in a QFN 3×3-20 type package. The IS31FL3196 is priced at $0.74 while the IS31FL3199 is priced at $0.79 in 1,000 piece quantities.

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