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TVS Diode Arrays Combine ESD Protection with Common-Mode EMI Filtering

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the SP5001, SP5002, and SP5003 Series TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® Diodes). These highly-integrated Common-Mode Filters (CMF) provide both electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and common-mode EMI filtering for systems that use high-speed differential serial interfaces. They can protect and filter two (SP5001 and SP5003) or three (SP5002) differential line pairs. Their RoHS-compliant TDFN packages and compact designs offer substantial cost and space savings over discrete solutions. These AEC-Q101 qualified devices are well-suited for use in consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablet computers, finding applications in MIPI camera and display, HDMI®, DVI display, and DisplayPort™ interfaces, etc.

"With these new products, we're broadening our low capacitance offering in our TVS Diode Array portfolio," said Chad Marak, product line director for the SP5001, SP5002, and SP5003 TVS Diode Array product line. "This allows us to provide solutions that better address the emerging needs for EMI suppression and ESD protection among industry leaders in the consumer electronics and automotive markets."

The SP5001, SP5002, and SP5003 Series TVS Diode Arrays offer these key benefits: High common-mode stop band attenuation (up to -30dB) in the cellular frequency ranges effectively prevents high speed data lines from interfering with radio frequencies. Large differential bandwidths up to 4GHz allow high-speed, differential serial buses to operate unimpeded in normal operation. Low channel capacitance of 0.8pF creates an ESD protection solution that is virtually invisible during normal operation and extremely effective against ESD attack. Low-profile DFN packages are limited to 0.8mm (max), permitting usage in wireless, tablet and infotainment applications.

Automotive grade quality assures users of maximum reliability in the harshest environments. The SP5001, SP5002, and SP5003 Series TVS Diode Arrays are available in quantities of 3,000 in tape and reel packaging.

Littelfuse, Inc.
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