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TSI Semiconductors Expands Portfolio with IBM Power Management Tech

TSI Semiconductors, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its portfolio of power-management foundry technology offerings by licensing IBM‘s 0.18µm high-voltage process known as 7HV. The process supports a range of 1.8- to 120-V on the same chip and makes it feasible to place components that are tailored for different tasks right next to each other on a single chip. The addition of this technology to its existing power management process portfolio will enable TSI to broaden its foundry services for customizable and proprietary development of mobile, consumer and industrial solutions. This additional technology will address wireless sensors, digital media, alternative energy, automotive, smart buildings and high-reliability markets.

“We are honored to work with a respected technology powerhouse like IBM and to license its power management, market-tuned 0.18µm high-voltage process technology,” said Sagar Pushpala, CEO of TSI. “By adding this world-class solution at the sweet spot of the power management market to our portfolio, we are further enabling our clients to customize processes and differentiate their products using our innovative technology development services in our IP-protected foundry. Having a U.S.-based technology development and manufacturing presence is very important to our customers, therefore TSI has already secured expansion capacity to triple its revenues in anticipation of this growing market. The overall power management market opportunity is estimated to be approximately $40 billion per year in 2017.”

“Working with TSI offers us a new route to bring our power-management technology to new applications,” said Steve Ray, vice president, sales and brand, IBM Microelectronics. “We’re pleased to be working with this world-class specialty foundry.”

TSI is a specialty analog and mixed-signal foundry company with ISO Automotive and Industrial Class Certifications and offers state-of-the-art contract semiconductor foundry services at its world-class manufacturing location in Roseville, California. At the company’s 8-inch fabrication plant in Roseville, California it can manufacture in a large array of versatile processes that include analog/mixed-signal, deep-submicron, high-voltage BCDMOS, and solutions such as novel materials structures and devices.

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