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TowerJazz Announces 700V 8″ 0.18um Power Platform

TowerJazz Semiconductor, Ltd. announced TS18UHV — the first 700V 8″ 0.18um power platform which allows customers to design in a smaller node, very high-voltage ICs with an ability for highly functional integration. This also allows integration of an external power device and is suitable for LED driver applications in general illumination and primary controllers in power supplies. In addition, this process offers integration of digital and analog functionality as well as modularity of the platform to fit different needs for various applications. TS18UHV provides a competitive power device Rdson and the best in the industry digital circuit density (up to 125k gates/mm(2)).

The new process provides devices that support high-voltage range switching (up to 900V) and low-voltage (1.8V and 5V) to facilitate integration required to drive and achieve high-efficiency high-voltage and power in power supply and lighting solutions. The design package includes analog components (resistors, BJT, capacitor and Zener diode), LDMOS, and JFET transistors as well as standard 5V CMOS. A high side flavor of the technology, TS18/35UHV HS is suitable for driving external power devices for motor drive, H-bridge and full-bridge applications. It is an EPI-based platform with an n-buried layer. It allows monolithic integration of 26V CMOS drivers floating up to 650V for driving high side output power devices.

700V 8″ 0.18μm Process includes: Non EPI Wafers; (TS18/35UHV HS: EPI based process with buried layer); Single poly, single gate-oxide (dual gate for TS18/35UHV HS); Planarized passivation with thick polyimide; Vertical bipolar devices, Zener diode, Schottky diode, MIM capacitors, poly resistors; Robust zero mask adder embedded yFlash (OTP, FTP and MTP available); Rich digital and analog IP libraries: standard cell 1.8V and 5V, LV and HV ESD solutions, I/O, ARM core, etc.; Top metal options are Al 2, 3μm (R=15,9 mΩ/square) or Cu 3.3μm (R=5.5 mΩ/square), pad over logic and over power devices.

“TowerJazz is introducing the most advanced 700V 8″ technology currently available. This technology enables our customers to efficiently design integrated circuits (ICs) for general illumination LED applications, power supplies and industrial applications,” said Dr. Marco Racanelli, Sr. VP and GM of Power & RF/HPA Business Groups, TowerJazz. “Competitive Rdson of the power devices allows for higher efficiency and better costs. High density digital and analog circuits enable higher integration of features while modularity of the platform creates opportunities for choice of modules needed for design.”

TowerJazz Semiconductor, Ltd.
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