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Telkoor announces 48V 1500W AC-DC "StrongBox" Power Supply

Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd. announced a new 48V@1.5KW ac-dc power supply module – the PS1548. Three plug-in cassettes enable 1:1 or N+1 redundancy operation; "hot swap" and parallel powering enable the highest output power configuration, thus saving space on the 19" rack. Telkoor will start shipping the first units of the new product in August 2007.

The StrongBox family is an easy-to-use modular system designed for applications engaged in the assembling of 19" rack solutions. The new module can be operated from 90-264Vac, auto range, and single phase input voltage with frequency of 47-63Hz. The output voltage is 48V@1.5KW, with options for 1200W@24V output and 800W@12V output. The PS1548 is suitable for telecom equipment manufacturers, electronic cabinets manufacturers and additional industrial and general-purpose systems using the standard 19" rack configuration.

"We are proud to announce the launch of PS1548 model – the highest power density solution in the industry for 19" Racks," said Yossi Ben-Ami, Telkoor President and CEO. "I am certain that the PS1548 will follow the success and overwhelming acceptance of our PS1248 product, which received an excellent feedback from the market and is used currently worldwide by major telecom equipment manufacturers and electronic cabinets manufacturers. The PS1548 is a breakthrough in power density that presents our 30 years expertise in both military and industrial power supplies. Using PS1548 the system manufacturer can quickly and easily improve performance and power while using minimum space in the standard 19" Rack, leading to rapid system deployment and quick return on investment."

PS1548 drawers can be used in parallel operation for higher power loads. The single full loaded cabinet can be connected as a balance three-phase load, which is said to enable a reliable and efficient operation of the system. I²C & IPMI management protocols options are available as well. PS1548 is said to be a cost-effective system with a cost of about 20 cents per watt.

Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd.
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