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SunPower Announces Improved 96-Cell, 315W Solar Panel With Conversion Efficiency Of 19.3%

SunPower Corp. announced the latest version of the SunPower® 315 Solar Panel, which the company says is the planet’s most powerful solar panel for the residential and commercial markets. The improved 96-cell, 315W panel uses SunPower’s high-performance solar cells and offers what is described as the industry’s highest conversion efficiency of 19.3%.

The SunPower 315 Solar Panel now includes an anti-reflective coated glass and larger, more powerful all-back contact solar cells. The anti-reflective coating allows for more diffuse off-angle light to be captured, generating more energy per rated watt than a conventional solar panel. The SunPower 315 Solar Panel’s larger area cells can capture more light per panel, resulting in high energy output. The coating and the larger area cells result in a darker, more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

"SunPower continues to provide its customers with the best solar technology and greatest return on investment," said Vikas Desai, SunPower Vice President and General Manager. "The latest version of our SunPower 315 Solar Panel maximizes energy production resulting in fewer panels per rooftop. With less panels and balance of system materials, customers can benefit from lower installation costs."

The improved SunPower 315 Solar Panel is available for residential and commercial customers. The company will be taking orders for the SunPower 315 Solar Panel beginning July 2009.

SunPower Corp.
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