Sulfur-Resistant, AEC-Q200-Compliant Thick-Film Chip Resistors

Bourns, Inc. today released two new series of thick-film chip resistors that offer enhanced power ratings up to 2 W at 70 °C. The Bourns® Models CRMxxxxA and CRSxxxxA are sulfur-resistant and AEC-Q200 compliant making them well-suited for automotive driver assistant, information, entertainment and lighting applications, as well as commercial, automation, industrial, power supply and stepper-motor drive designs.

Designed to operate in harsh environments where there are elevated levels of sulfur contamination, Bourns’ latest resistor series have been tested in accordance with ASTM B809-9 methods.

Made using a thick-film element printed onto a ceramic substrate, the resistors offer additional product lifespan benefits compared to standard film resistors when exposed to a sulfurous gas environment.

Offering broad suitability for a diverse range of applications, the new chip resistors are available in six different footprints from small 0603 (1608 Metric) up to 2512 (6431 Metric). The Model CRMxxxxA provides a wide resistance range up to 1 megohms and low resistance values from 0.05 ohms.

This models’ high power rating makes it well-suited for current sensing. In addition, the Model CRSxxxxA delivers superior pulse load capabilities for enhanced protection of today’s smaller, more sensitive electronic designs.

Available now, the Bourns® Model CRMxxxA and CRSxxxxA series are RoHS compliant and halogen free. As a pricing reference:

  • Model CRM0603AF (1-10 million ohms) is priced at $0.003/pc in 5,000-piece quantities.
  • Model CRM2512AF (1-10 million ohms) is priced at $0.073/pc in 5,000-piece quantities.
  • Model CRS0603A-F is priced at $0.016/pc in 5,000-piece quantities.
  • Model CRS2512A-F is priced at $0.147/pc in 4,000-piece quantities.
Bourns, Inc.
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