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SolarEdge Unveils Expanded Smart Energy Solutions at Intersolar

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. is unveiling an expanded product portfolio. On display for the first time during Intersolar Europe in Munich, SolarEdge will showcase its smart energy management solution which reduces electricity costs by maximizing self-consumption. As part of its smart energy management solution, SolarEdge is launching a Feed-in Limitation feature that is integrated into the SolarEdge inverter firmware. This feature dynamically adjusts PV power production, ensuring that power output to the grid does not exceed the pre-set limit, thus enabling larger installations and increasing the potential of PV self-consumption.

In addition, the company will present StorEdge, its innovative storage solution that employs optimized battery pack based on SolarEdge's widely-deployed and field-proven power optimization technology. StorEdge has an increased lifespan and is a safe, highly efficient, and scalable solution. Available later this year, StorEdge will be able to be added to existing SolarEdge inverters.

"Around the world, SolarEdge's module-level power optimization has become a standard technology in residential and commercial systems because of its proven financial benefits," stated Guy Sella, CEO and Chairman of SolarEdge. "The benefits provided by power optimization will provide SolarEdge a strong foothold in the self-consumption market. We see this introduction further increasing SolarEdge's PV market penetration."

During Intersolar Europe, SolarEdge will also be showcasing its new P700 power optimizer for 72-cell modules and its new Wi-fi solution. The newly launched Wi-Fi solution offers wireless communication between the SolarEdge inverter and a Wi-Fi router for simple internet connectivity.

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