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Smallest CoolMOS MOSFETs in ThinPAK 5×6 Reduce Parasitics

Infineon Technologies AG today introduces a new leadless surface mounted (SMD) package for CoolMOS™ MOSFETs named ThinPAK 5×6. Chargers for mobile devices, Ultra High Definition TVs and LED lighting all have to meet numerous conflicting requirements. Consumers long for slim yet high performing products. Therefore, manufacturers demand compact, cool and cost efficient semiconductor solutions. These considerable space constraints can be resolved by reducing the size and weight of the components which occupy printed circuit board (PCB) area.

For chargers, there is a clear trend towards smaller, faster and more efficient solutions. With its height of only 1mm and with its very small footprint of 5mm x 6 mm the ThinPAK 5×6 provides 80 percent volume reduction in comparison to traditional SMD packages such as DPAK. Thus, manufacturers gain flexibility for the design of even smaller chargers. The very low parasitics of ThinPAK such as low source inductance compared to the traditional DPAK reduce the gate oscillation under all load conditions and minimize voltage overshoots during switching by 40 percent in comparison to traditional SMD thus improving device and system stability and ease of use.

The ThinPAK 5×6 guarantees engineers more flexibility in their PCB designs and better switching performance ultimately leading to more efficient power conversion while reducing overall system size in applications such as low power adapters, lighting and thin panel TVs. It follows the earlier release of the ThinPAK 8×8 which has meanwhile found excellent market adoption in higher power applications such as Server and Telecom SMPS. Engineering samples of the ThinPAK 5×6 package are available now. Volume production will begin in September 2014.

Infineon Technologies AG
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