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Seiko S-8239B Series Extends Lithium-ion Battery Protection

Seiko Instruments, Inc. has introduced the S-8239B series, an overcurrent monitoring integrated circuit (IC) for Li-Ion batteries, which has numerous advantages over existing solutions. The S-8239B is an overcurrent monitoring IC for multi-serial-cell pack including high-accuracy voltage detection circuits and delay circuits. Smartphones have become a firm fixture of everyday life, with consumers demanding more than ever from their gadgets – including longer battery life. To this end, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries can now be found in every smartphone on the market, not to mention power tools and other high-end devices, even bicycles and cars. They make our lives more independent and exciting. However, such powerful technology must be carefully supervised, in order to keep operation safe and durable.

Features of the S-B239B include: Built-in high-accuracy voltage detection circuit; Overcurrent 1 detection voltage1 0.04 V to 0.30 V (10 mV step), Accuracy ±15 mV plus Overcurrent 2 detection voltage 0.1 V to 0.7 V (100 mV step), Accuracy ±100 mV, and Overcurrent 3 detection voltage 1.2 V (Fixed), Accuracy ±300 mV with built-in three-step overcurrent detection circuit; UVLO detection voltage : 2.0 V (Fixed), Accuracy ±100 mV; Kigh-withstand voltage device is used VM pin, DO pin Absolute maximum rating 28 V; Delay times are generated only by an internal circuit (External capacitors are unnecessary).

Low current consumption; During normal operation: 7.0 μA max. During power-down: 0.1 μA max. Wide operation temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees C. The S-8239B series has a built-in three-step overcurrent detection, high detection accuracy (+/-0.015V) and very low current consumption, both in normal operation (7.0uA) and power-down mode (0.1uA). The small IC packaging is lead- and halogen-free. The S-8239B series is available in high-volume quantities. Samples may be obtained from Seiko Instruments GmbH.

Seiko Instruments Inc.
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