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Real Time Clock, Rechargeable Solid State Battery and PMIC in One Package

Cymbet Corp. announced today the commercial release of the EnerChip™ RTC product family that combines an ultra-low power Real Time Clock with a rechargeable solid state battery and power management IC in a single 5mm x 5mm plastic package. The EnerChip RTC is the world’s smallest RTC with integrated power holdover. This is accomplished by utilizing bare die RTC, EnerChip battery and PMIC devices combined into a single package that uses Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and reflow solder processes. EnerChip RTCs provide from 30 to over 100 hours of RTC power back-up per charge with thousands of recharge cycles. The EnerChip RTC is an ideal replacement for bulky and troublesome coin cell batteries and supercapacitors.

"The life-of-product EnerChip RTC enables our customers to create new product designs and form factors," said Bill Priesmeyer, Cymbet President and CEO. "Placing an ultra-low power EnerChip RTC in a tiny space anywhere on the board drives innovative products, increases quality and lowers warranty costs."

The first three devices in the EnerChip RTC product family are: The CBC34123 that combines an NXP RTC with the EnerChip and PMIC for 30 hours power holdover and supports SPI-bus. The CBC34803 that combines an Ambiq RTC with the EnerChip and PMIC for 100 hours power holdover and supports I2C-bus. And the CBC34813 that combines an Ambiq RTC with the EnerChip and PMIC for 100 hours power holdover and supports SPI-bus.

The various EnerChip RTC configurations support: Alarm and timer functions, General Purpose Outputs, XT Oscillator, 256B RAM, Calibration/Auto-calibration, RC Oscillator, Watchdog, External Interrupts, a VBAT switch, and on-chip battery charge control with power management. Additionally, each EnerChip RTC device has a CBC-EVAL-12 evaluation kit that utilizes a USB interface with the EnerChip RTC on a small removable tab board and a PC-based Graphical User Interface that provides full register read/write access on the EnerChip RTC.

Cymbet Corp.
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