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Pulse Develops PA0274/PA0277 Power Inductors

Pulse Engineering Inc. (San Diego, CA) introduced its new SMT inductors for dc/dc power supplies, the PA0274 and PA0277, which offer low direct-current resistance ratings with a current handling ability to 12A. Product applications include high-current dc/dc converters, servers and workstations, telecom switches, routers, and base-station equipment where point-of-load regulation of DSPs, FPGAs and ASICs is required.

The inductors provide high-thermal efficiency and high-current handling with a lead-free construction. The low-profile, 3.30mm PA0274 and the 4.50mm PA0277 are compatible with all contemporary pick-and-place processes. The PA0274 and PA0277 inductance ratings are 475nH and 600nH and provide DCR of 1.60 milliohms and 2.53 milliohms, respectively. An extended operating temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees C ensures product stability with minimum drift throughout the entire range. The inductors provide a maximum energy storage of 2,280µJ/in³ with a frequency range up to 2MHz.

The PA0274 and PA0277 are available in trays and tape-and-reel packaging with prices starting at $0.55 per unit for quantities of 10,000. Lead time is four to six weeks. Volume discounts are available.

Pulse Engineering Inc.
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