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Power Inductors with Homogeneous, Low-Loss Press-Iron Powder Cores

AVX Corporation has introduced the new LMIP Series SMD power inductors. Featuring a homogeneous pressed iron powder core construction, LMIP Series inductors exhibit low loss and reduced inductance drop due to applied current, enabling higher saturation current ratings in smaller, lower profile packages. Available in six miniature case sizes, the new LMIP Series inductors are designed for applications including: LED lighting, portable electronics, power inverters, power supplies, reverse battery protection, and dc-dc, ac-dc, and point of load (POL) converters.

"The homogeneous pressed iron core construction of the LMIP Series SMD power inductors enhances design flexibility in a broad range of applications by enabling higher current ratings in smaller packages," said Edgardo Menendez, field applications engineer at AVX.

Magnetically-shielded, lead-free compatible, and RoHS compliant, the new LMIP Series SMD power inductors feature tin (Sn) plated terminations and reliable, low loss SMT construction. Available in six case sizes (2016, 4040, 5050, 7070, 1010, and 1313), two tolerances (±20% or ±30%), and with thicknesses ranging from 1.0mm to 6mm, the series is rated for 0.1µH to 8.2µH inductance, up to 3.0MHz frequency, and up to 60A saturation current.

Operating temperatures for the series range from -40 to +125 degrees C. LMIP Series inductors are packaged on 13" reels with the exception of 2016 size components, which are packaged on 7" reels. Typical lead time for the series is 12 weeks and pricing is available upon request.

AVX Corporation
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