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Polymer Hybrid Electrolytics Spec’d to 125 C

Nichicon Corp has added the GYA series of chip type conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors rated up to 63Vdc and 330µF. These capacitors have a rated lifetime of 4,000 hours at 125 degrees C and offer high reliability, low ESR and high ripple current capacity.

Devices rated for 25Vdc and 35Vdc are offered with ripple current ratings up to 2A, 50Vdc-rated devices have ripple current ratings up to 1.6A and 63Vdc-rated devices have up to 1.4A ripple current ratings. Capacitance offerings include: 56μF to 330 μF for 25Vdc devices, 47μF to 270μF for 35Vdc devices, 22μF to 100μF for 50Vdc devices and 10μF to 56μF for 63Vdc parts.

ESR ratings range from 20mΩ to 50mΩ for 25Vdc capacitors, from 20mΩ to 60mΩ for 35Vdc devices, 28mΩ to 80mΩ for 50Vdc parts and from 30mΩ to 120mΩ for 63Vdc GYA capacitors. All devices in the GYA family have an operating temperature range of -55 to +125 degrees C.

Nichicon Corp.
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