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Orion Fans Develops DC Blowers For Directional Cooling Of Fuel Cells, Batteries

Orion Fans has developed two new low-profile dc blower models. Designated the ODB600PT and ODB9733 Series, the blowers are available in 12-, 24-, and 48V models, and measure 120 x 120 x 32mm and 97 x 94 x 33mm, respectively, making them well suited for use in a variety of space-constrained applications.

"The low-profile blowers provide directional cooling similar to spot coolers in a flat, compact design," said David Luna, Product Marketing Manager for Orion Fans. "The cooling capabilities, along with the low profile constructions, make the blowers ideal for cooling fuel cells in hybrid electric vehicles and telecom equipment, as well as a variety of battery and other powered products that require thermal management."

Orion’s ODB600PT and ODB9733 series blowers feature brushless dc motors, locked rotor and polarity protection, and auto restart functions. The ODB600PT blowers are available in speeds of 1800, 2500 and 3000 RPMs, and feature an airflow range from 20 to 35 CFM, while the ODB9733 devices feature speeds of 3300 RPMs and CFM of 22. A super high-speed version of the ODB9733 blower, with RPMs to 5000 and CFM to 35, is also available. The blowers feature an operating temperature range of -10 to +70°C, and offer a life expectancy of 60,000 hours (L10).

In addition to the ODB600PT and ODB9733 blowers, Orion offers a complete line of standard-sized dc (35mm to 120mm) and ac blowers (125mm to 273mm) blowers. Custom sizes, as well as blowers with special functions such as tachometer output, locked rotor alarm, pulse width modulation (PWM) input, and thermal and constant speed controls, are also available upon request.

Pricing for the ODB600PT Series dc blower in OEM quantities of 1-99 is approximately $23.50 each for the 12- and 24V models and $27.50 each for the 48V model. Pricing for the ODB9733 series blower in OEM quantities of 1-99 is approximately $18.50 each for the 12- and 24V models and $20.50 each for the 48V model.

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