ON Semi Introduces Integrated Charging and Power Switching for Portable Electronic Charging Circuit

ON Semiconductor introduced the NUS3116, an integrated charging and power switching circuit for small form factor portable electronics like cellular phones. This circuit combines a main battery switch, wall charging switch, and USB charging switch elements into a single component, which the company claims optimizes charging performance and saves critical space on circuit boards in handheld electronic devices.

The NUS3116 is an integration of main power switch, –12V, –6.2A, µCool™ single P–channel MOSFET to handle the main battery switch function and two internal low saturation PNP transistors to handle dual channel charging elements. With 40mΩ maximum RDS(ON), the main switch MOSFET minimizes power loss during battery operation of portable electronics. The dual low-Vce(sat) transistors provide good thermal performance for charge currents up to 2A, and have a Vce voltage drop of less than 240mV at the end of the charging.

Offered in a DFN-8 package that requires only 9mm2 of board space, the NUS3116 provides a board savings of more then 20mm2 versus typical solutions using three TSOP-6 packages with interconnect space. The package’s low profile of 0.8mm allows the device to be used in small form factor designs. Use of the NUS3116 integrated device is said to also reduce the complexity of circuit board layout.

The NUS3116 is available in a Pb-free DFN-8 package, and is priced at $0.80 per unit in 3000 unit quantities.

ON Semiconductor Corp.
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