Ohmite Presents New P Series Wirewound Resistors

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. (Skokie, IL) presented its new P Series moulded precision wirewound resistors, designed to meet the requirements of military specification MIL-R-93, which offer high stability and a low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR). Offering tolerances as accurate as ±0.005 percent, and with TCR as low as ±2 ppm/°C in a wide range of resistance values, the P Series resistors feature a wide range of tolerances (±0.005 percent to ±1 percent), low inductance (non-inductive below 0.25 Ω), and RoHS compliance. The axial configuration of the P Series makes the resistors suitable for PCB and hard-wiring applications.

Ohmite Manufacturing Co.
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