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Move expands GaN Systems’ Headquarters Size by 3X

GaN Systems Inc. has moved into its new headquarters and R&D facility at 1145 Innovation Drive, Ottawa, Canada. Located at the heart of Kanata’s high technology community, the move was necessitated by the company’s expansion over the past twelve months and plans for continued rapid growth as GaN devices replace legacy silicon-based semiconductors in power conversion and control applications worldwide.

"We are committed to long term, fast-paced growth, and these new facilities will provide the resources and capabilities we need as we move rapidly from R&D to commercialization this year." said Jim Witham, CEO.

The new HQ and R&D facility is three times larger than GaN Systems' previous premises, with a tenfold increase in laboratory space. The labs have dedicated power and cooling, which is crucial, as Girvan Patterson, co-founder and President explains: "When you produce devices that can switch 200 Amps or more, it calls for some highly specialized facilities to fully test them. The power available in this location and our custom-designed labs will enable us to fully explore higher power applications and substantially accelerate the long term reliability testing of our devices."

Headcount has already increased significantly over the past six months and GaN Systems has expanded its global team as its power conversion devices, based on its proprietary Island Technology®, are commercialized. GaN Systems is believed to be the first company in the market with a wide range of parts already available for sampling.

GaN Systems Inc.
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