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Milestone Reached as More Than 20 Vendors offer Systems

New systems are continuing to arrive as vendors respond to market demand by incorporating technology into their products. HomeGrid Forum has confirmed that the number of announced vendors with certified silicon in their systems has now reached 22. This timely news comes just as service providers globally complete their field trials and the first wave of RFPs is taking place. Further, HomeGrid announced a new addition to the list of silicon providers, Triductor Technology, Inc. of China.

The 22 systems companies announced so far represent an impressive roll call of leading brands from all parts of the globe. The list now consists of AcBel, Alpha Networks, Arris, Asoka, Billion, Blu-Castle, CIG, Comtrend, D-Link, DNI (Delta), Enable-IT, FiberHome, Gemtek, Netwave, ST&T, Suttle, T&W, Teleconnect, Ubiquoss, ZTE, Woxter and ZyXEL. Many of these companies have developed different form factor systems that cover the complete set of wireline media powerline, coax, phoneline and plastic optical fiber, with products that range from simple adapters to gateways and set top boxes with embedded This provides a wide choice for Service Providers. The 20+ system vendor milestone reflects the success of as a multi-source technology.

HomeGrid's efforts have helped to enable a wide range of vendors and products, giving Service Providers a wide range of choices. Just as there are many system vendors, silicon is also available from several sources, including certified chipsets from Marvell and Sigma Designs, with Metanoia, Xingtera and TangoTec in development, and the recent addition of Triductor to the list. With so many silicon sources, system vendors will have many choices for their designs as these vendors vie for their business.

The multi-source nature of has promoted competition, driven the pace of development and helped lead to the large number of products now available. Everyone gains from the multi-source nature of system vendors have silicon choices, Service Providers have multiple vendors and designs to select from, retailers have a robust market developing, and consumers have multiple choices with the peace of mind provided by the "HomeGrid Certified" logo.

HomeGrid President John Egan remarked, "We are delighted with the progress of The addition of yet another silicon source underlines the market potential. The new system vendor milestone is also great news for the market, as vendors step up their design efforts and announce product launches to meet demand. Service Providers are already taking advantage of the breadth of systems offered and can rest assured they can choose multiple sources with assured interoperability between HomeGrid Certified systems."

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