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Midtronics Releases inFORM Battery Software

Midtronics Inc. (Long Beach, CA) announced the release of version 3.04 of its inFORM Stationary Battery Management Software. Version 3.04 is compatible with the current Midtronics Stationary Battery Tester line, including the Celltron® ULTRA, and Celltron Advanced tester kits as well as backwards-compatible with the discontinued Micro Celltron tester. The latest version includes improved graphical display presentation, the capability to directly save information as an XLS or TXT file, and installation enhancements.

"Our battery test equipment is the most effective and user-friendly on the market. To support this, we continually investigate opportunities to improve our accessories like the inFORM software," said Rich Lussier, stationary product marketing manager for Midtronics. "This latest improvement of the software is the result of suggestions from our users in the field."

The software is available from Midtronics directly, or for existing users, can be downloaded from the Midtronics website.

Midtronics Inc.
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