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Li-Ion Linear Battery Charger with LDO and Load Switches

The STBC03 battery-charger management chip from STMicroelectronics improves integration without compromising performance and power consumption. It combines a linear battery charger, a 150mA LDO, two SPDT switches for power and signal routing and a protection circuit module for the battery. The STBC03 offers a solution for wearable and IoT markets, reducing the application cost, footprint and design time.

The STBC03 uses a CC/CV algorithm to charge the battery; the fast charge and the pre-charge current can be both independently programmed using dedicated resistors. The termination current is set to 5% of the programmed fast charge current, but has fixed values for fast charge currents lower than 20mA. The battery floating voltage value is programmable and can be set to a value up to 4.45V. This device can provide a fast charge current up to 650mA adjustable by external resistor and a pre-charge current from 1mA.

The STBC03 also features a charger enable input to stop the charging process anytime. The STBC03 is automatically powered off from the connected battery when the IN pin is not connected to a valid power source (battery mode). A battery under/overtemperature condition can be detected by using an external circuitry (NTC thermistor).

The STBC03 draws less than 10nA from the connected battery in shipping mode conditions, so to maximize the battery life during shelf life of the final application. The device is available in the Flip Chip 30 package.

STMicroelectronics NV
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