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LEDUS Lighting and Jade Sky Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Jade Sky Technologies, Inc. (JST) has announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with LEDUS Lighting Technology Ltd. (LEDUS), a subsidiary of Tech Pro Technology Development Limited (Tech Pro). This cooperation allows LEDUS and JST to collaborate in the creation of a family of LEDUS branded high-quality LED products based on JST’s industry leading driver IC with deep dimming and ultra-wide dimmer compatibility. The goal is to make these high-quality LED products available globally in 2014.

“JST shares our goal of accelerating the mass consumer adoption of LED lighting by bringing to market high-quality LED lights that truly dim well” said Tech Pro Chairman, Mr. Amos Li. “While fully utilizing each party’s advantages and core competencies, we will work together to advance our industry by offering products focused on the best end user experience.”

“We are excited to cooperate with LEDUS and Tech Pro to create high-quality LED lights that delight users by working as expected in the ways of traditional lighting yet offering the tremendous energy savings and reliability associated with solid-state lighting. By focusing on what end consumers want in their lighting and offering them high-value products through forward-thinking manufacturers such as LEDUS, we put forth a means to achieve global energy savings,” says Jade Sky Technologies CEO, Mr. David Chen. “We already have the technology to make an awesome LED bulb. By partnering with LEDUS, that technology will be made commercially available, allowing for the global benefits we all deserve.”

For example, the JST301 is a single-stage, current-mode LED driver optimized for high efficiency, high power factor and compatibility with all TRIAC dimmers. The patented integrated PFC architecture enables excellent power factor over a wide range of operating line and load conditions, even with the simplest of inductor-based driver topologies, thereby reducing solution size, cost, and substantially enhancing system reliability.

The JST301 LED driver uses Jade Sky Technologies’ patented RetroBulb universal dimmer compatibility technology that mimics the impedance characteristics of an incandescent bulb. It results in a linear 0-100% dimming range, with no flicker. With the JST301, SSL OEMs can design a wide range of LED lamps for retrofit and new installation markets without the complexity and cost of dimmer compatibility testing, consumer education and field issues.

With the JST301, customers can now use the most cost and size efficient buck driver topology to achieve optimal performance and the feature set needed by high-volume LED lamps: higher efficiency, lower heat dissipation, better power factor, improved reliability and universal dimmer compatibility with 0-100% dimming range. The device is available in both a tiny DFN-10 (3x3mm) and a TSSOP-16 (6.4x5mm) package, and in full -40 to +125 degrees C junction temperature range.

LEDUS Lighting Technology Ltd. , Jade Sky Technologies, Inc.
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