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IR’s Second Generation IPMs Shrink and Simplify Appliance Motor Drives

International Rectifier Corp. (IR) today at PCIM Europe introduced a new generation of energy-efficient Intelligent Power Modules (IPM). The new second generation (Gen2) family of IRAM System-In-Package (SIP) IPMs shrinks and simplifies the design of appliance motor drive applications including air conditioners, fans, compressors and washing machines. Leveraging IR’s advanced Trench Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) and next-generation three-phase gate driver IC, the IRAM SiP1A Gen2 modules also feature state-of-the-art thermo-mechanical technology to further improve thermal performance and system efficiency by delivering increased power density and enhanced system ruggedness and reliability. The new devices are pin-to-pin compatible with the existing IRAM SiP1A series.

"Improving the industry standard benchmark established by IR with the previous IRAM generation was not an easy task. However, the new IRAM Gen2 platform utilizes state-of-the-art technology for next-generation IRAM System-In-Package intelligent power modules to address the growing demand for more efficient motor drives in appliance applications through improved thermal performance and reduced electromagnetic noise," said Alberto Guerra, Vice President, Strategic Market Development, IR's Energy Saving Products Business Unit.

The new Gen2 IRAM modules are an addition to IR's iMOTION design platform which integrates digital, analog and power technologies together in a flexible, mixed signal chipset to simplify motor control designs and bring energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions to market faster. The IRMCF371 and IRMCS3071 reference designs featuring the IRAM SiP Gen 2 modules are also offered. Pricing for the Gen2 IRAM family begins at US $5.95 each in 10,000 unit quantities. Production quantities are available immediately.

International Rectifier Corp.
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