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Ioxus Launches iMOD X-Series for Ultracapacitor Application

Ioxus, Inc. today announced the launch of the iMOD X-Series™, a new series of module systems for a common, single-piece extruded housing for application across all of its axial ultracapacitors. iMOD X-Series allows for a very flexible voltage configuration to meet virtually all customer requirements. Recognizing an inherent design issue responsible for disproportionate heating and aging of center cells in basic modules, Ioxus created the iMOD X-Series to correct these flaws while reducing cost, minimizing design time and increasing reliability. The iMOD X-Series allows for every cell to be in thermal contact with the outside of the housing, therefore allowing for even heating and cooling, as well as a reduced heat generation. This reduction in heating and better cooling allow for even aging of the cells, to create a longer lasting, more reliable product.

Ioxus has also implemented an optional CAN Communication system into iMOD X-Series to help its customers monitor vital statics and health in order to maximize the payback of its offerings. This level of remote monitoring and control is part of the customer-demanded options from Ioxus, whose iMODs® have successfully used CAN Communications in many applications. The control and output messages can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

The iMOD X-Series simplifies system design and installation for the end-users of multiple applications including hybrid buses, rail services, automotive systems, wind turbine pitch control, and backup power/UPS. By doing so, the iMOD X-Series product line reduces the effort required to design module-to-module termination and monitoring connections, as well as simplifies the mounting arrangements. The patent pending, single-piece extruded housing and common components across the Ioxus product family means all of the required components are the same, regardless of the module voltage or capacitance.

End-to-end cell laser welding reduces the number of bus bars, which in turn lowers cost and module equivalent series resistance (ESR) while increasing system performance and power delivery capability. iMOD X-Series offers true voltage balancing to extend the life of each cell, unlike other ultracapacitor manufactures that offer basic voltage clamping.The front-facing terminals allow for the use of simple bus bars that clean up system layout and eliminates cables that crisscross in the system, enabling easy, safe maintenance and installation.

The structural thermal bridges maximize and balance thermal transfer from the cells to the housing while adding mechanical structure and robustness. The customizable end plates allow for virtually any mounting configuration with easy installation and maintenance, most notably standard rack mountable double modules vs. the standard single module multi-surface mounts. And the iMOD X-Series requires only two seal points compared to competitors' five for a product of equal size / rating.

According to Ioxus customer Dynex Semiconductor, the company selected the iMOD X-Series product for its compact construction and the inherently lower mounting costs for long strings of capacitors. "Having little prior experience with ultracapacitor suppliers and the products available, we conducted head-to-head testing between the Ioxus 3000 Farad cells and those from other suppliers," explained Bill McGhie, power assembly control systems senior manager, Dynex Semiconductor. "We were delighted to discover that our faith in Ioxus was well placed. Following significant levels of long-term cycling performance testing, Ioxus ultracapacitors demonstrated the lowest drift in ESR and capacitance compared to the competition. We have found the Ioxus team to be reactive and cognizant of some customizable features required by our high voltage, high isolation system. As a result, Dynex has been able to reduce the complete system footprint by 50 percent by choosing Ioxus over other available products."

"The introduction of iMOD X-Series once again demonstrates Ioxus' dedication to developing products that offer the highest technical performance while meeting the customer's needs," said Ken Rudisuela, chief technology officer at Ioxus. "By sharing common components in our modules, we've designed ultracapacitors that can easily fit into standard racks with no shelving required and at 50 percent less volume than our competitors. With installation this simple and performance this high, it's clear that Ioxus has separated itself from the pack and that our ultracapacitors are the most suitable for use in all transportation, industrial and energy applications."

Ioxus Inc.
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