IGBT and Rectifier Diode Modules from Littelfuse

Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, has added two products to its power control semiconductor line. The new half-bridge IGBT modules, available in industry-standard S, D, or WD packages with ratings up to 1200V and 600A, offer the high efficiency and fast switching speeds of IGBT technology in a robust and flexible format. They are designed for use in a variety of power control applications, including ac motor control, motion/servo control, inverters, power supplies, and solar inverters. The new phase leg and common cathode rectifier diode modules, with ratings up to 1800V and 200A, offer high thermal efficiency to ensure long life and reliable performance.

Their industry-standard S and A package sizes allow for a maximum output current of 200A for standard diodes. The rectifier diode modules are designed for general-purpose high-voltage applications, such as high-voltage regulated power supplies, lighting circuits, temperature and motor speed control circuits, UPSs, and battery chargers. Both product lines offer standard and customized solutions to meet circuit designers' exacting performance standards.

"These IGBT modules are ideal for creating flexible and efficient motor control and inverter applications," said Richard Bono, Power Semiconductor Business Development Manager. "They are well-suited for use in industrial electronics like industrial drives and motion control hardware, solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, switched mode power supplies and welding machines."

The IGBT Modules offer these key benefits: Ultra-low loss ensures high efficiency and switching speed. High ruggedness provides high reliability in demanding applications. High short circuit capability reduces protection requirements. Positive temperature coefficient devices can be paralleled easily to increase current handling capability. Fast free-wheeling diodes, providing an integrated solution in a compact module package.

"The rectifier diode modules convert incoming commercial ac into rectified ac or dc to feed into power switches such as IGBTs or MOSFETs," said Koichiro Yoshimoto, Thyristor Business Development Manager. "Their high thermal efficiency helps ensure long life and reliability in the field."

The rectifier diode modules offer these key benefits: Low reverse recovery loss helps ensure high operation efficiency. Low forward voltage allows for reduced heat dissipation. High surge current capability ensures reliable operation in the field. Low inductance package means lower distortion in ac mains. Two-diode phase leg or common cathode topology in compact package allows the circuit designer to build a single- or three-phase rectifier circuit easily using the same module.

Littlefuse Inc.
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