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IdaTech Demos Extended Run Module and iGen System

IdaTech Corp. (Bend, OR), a fuel cell system/component and fuel cell solutions provider, unveiled a suite of targeted backup power fuel cell products, the Extended Run Module and the new iGen™ portable power fuel cell system. The Extended Run Module allows operation of ElectraGen™5 using liquid fuel for extended periods of run time, thus eliminating the need for bottled hydrogen onsite. The iGen is a compact fuel cell system, which also runs on liquid fuel as opposed to bottled hydrogen. The iGen can be used as a battery replacement or extender in remote or grid-connected telecommunication applications.

The 5 kWe Extended Run Module works with the company’s hydrogen-fueled ElectraGen family of critical backup power systems, converting liquid fuel into pure hydrogen to provide power in the event of grid failure. The system replaces multiple hydrogen cylinders, eliminating the need for hydrogen storage when onsite storage is not feasible. Like the ElectraGen5 fuel cell system it complements, the Extended Run module is intended to deliver 10 years of reliable backup power operation.

The iGen is a compact 250 W portable proton-exchange membrane fuel cell system with on-board fuel reformer, developed to generate power continuously as long as fuel is supplied to the system. The system can be packaged for indoor or outdoor applications as a long-duration backup power source, or integrated with solar power components to provide primary 24/7 power for remote applications where there is no electric grid. The iGen system is designed for low maintenance and autonomous operation.

IdaTech Corp.
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