Enpirion Introduces New DC-DC Converter With Integrated Inductor

Enpirion announced the availability of its new 1500mA (1.5A) synchronous buck dc-dc converter with an integrated inductor. According to the company, the EP53F8QI offers designers the ultimate combination of features: small footprint, high efficiency, and a competitive price point.

Enpirion’s newest switch-mode converter delivers up to 1500mA of continuous output current and up to 5.5W of output power. The device is housed in a 3 x 3 x 1.1mm QFN package, including the integrated inductor. With a total solution size of just 40mm², the EP53F8QI has a power density of 140mW per mm².

In addition to its impressive power density, the EP53F8QI also achieves up to 94% efficiency – making it the highest efficiency device of its size. As such, this part is well suited for USB wireless datacards, where high efficiency is required to meet the USB power specification, while maintaining small footprint.

The Enpirion 1500mA chips are already designed into numerous USB wireless datacard platforms, as well as advanced feature set-top boxes and home gateways. Additional applications for the EP53F8QI include: computing platforms; storage; servers; RF; audio/video; and multi-gigabit IO.

"Designers have always had to choose between footprint and efficiency, but fortunately, those days are over," said Dr. Ashraf Lotfi, CTO and Founder of Enpirion. "Our new 1500 mA device hits the sweet spot by delivering both, at a price point that enables penetration into very high volume markets."

Built on Enpirion’s proprietary high frequency CMOS and magnetics, the EP53F8QI integrates the control and protection circuitry with gate drive, power MOSFETS, compensation network and the hallmark of all Enpirion products, the power inductor. The 4 MHz switching frequency and integrated inductor ensure low output ripple and low conducted and radiated noise. Output voltage is programmed through an external divider, providing maximum design flexibility.

The ENP53F8QI is available now, and pricing is set at $1.36 for quantities of 10,000 parts.

Enpirion Inc.
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