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Eltek Claims “Breakthrough” with CAN Node that Supports up to 224 Sensors

Eltek ASA today announced the launch of its multipurpose FlexiMonitor controller add-on CAN node that provides high accuracy sensor support for Eltek Smartpack2-based control systems. The FlexiMonitor is designed for a wide variety of dc power applications in industries such as telecom, railway, offshore and process. In each of these applications, sensors are increasingly being used to monitor battery health, but also to provide additional environmental, security and other inputs. The FlexiMonitor aggregates up to 244 inputs to the Smartpack2 for monitoring.

"The FlexiMonitor is a real breakthrough in control system monitoring," said Morten Schøyen, Chief Marketing Officer. "Our customers can now obtain reliable, accurate input measurements for high-efficiency management of their system operations."

For battery monitoring, FlexiMonitor delivers more accurate readings by using a capacity-control method that combines partial discharge testing with built-in algorithms designed for each type of battery. This technology works in combination with individual cell voltage measurement and individual temperature readings. Units are capable of monitoring 2V battery cell voltage and temperature, with alarming and logging of each cell for up to four strings of batteries.

High accuracy sensing input can be mixed under the same FlexiMonitor node to measure current, voltage, symmetry, fuse, tacho/pulse and temperature. Integration and measurement of third-party rectifiers, currents and voltage is also available. Programmable digital inputs provide alarm and event control. Up to 14 FlexiMonitor units can be used in parallel with a single Eltek Smartpack2 control system, and each unit can take up to 16 inputs for a total of 224 inputs per control system. Units are mounted in a cabinet via DIN-rail or screw hole clips.

FlexiMonitor also supports high voltage rated and high-energy capacity output relay contacts for alarms and control in HVDC (110/220/380) power systems. The FlexiMonitor product is available now from Eltek's sales force worldwide. Pricing is based on the features and options selected by the customer.

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