Dongxin Capacitor Debuts CBB81 Series Capacitors

Fuxin Dongxin Capacitor Co. Ltd. (China) debuted its new CBB81 Series of PPF capacitors, which withstand up to 1.6 times their rated voltage and are suitable for high-voltage pulse circuits in color TV receivers.

Capacitance values ranges from 2.2nF to 0.22µF (1kV), 2.2nF to 0.17µF (1.25kV), 1nF to 39nF (1.6V), or 1nF to 15nF (2kV) with a tolerance of ±5 percent, ±10 percent or ±20 percent. The dissipation factor is <0.001, while insulation resistance is at least 50 gigaohms. The capacitors are available in sizes ranging from 18mm x 12mm x 5.5mm to 37.5mm x 29mm x 17mm and are screened for operation over the -40 to +85 degrees C temperature range.

Fuxin Dongxin Capacitor Co. Ltd.
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