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Compumotor Debuts E Series Microstepping Drives

Parker Compumotor (Rohnert Park, CA) announced the release of its new E Series microstepping drives, the E-AC and the E-DC. The E-AC provides 0.02A to 3.5A of current to the motor, and accepts 120Vac of direct-on-line power. The E-DC provides 0.2A to 4.8A at 24Vdc to 48Vdc input power.

The E-AC features a 95Vac to 132Vac power supply input, an inductance range of 0.5mH to 100mH, and a dimension of 133mm x 109mm x 48mm. The E-DC is designed for use with motor inductance ranges of 0.2mH to 80mH,

and measures 127mm x 91mm x 41mm.

The E Series drives are priced at less than $400.

Parker Compumotor
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