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C&D Technologies Launches SLC100 Series Converters

C&D Technologies Inc. (Tucson, AZ) introduced its SLC100 Series of standard open-frame, quarter-brick converters, which are capable of delivering up to 40 A at voltages as low as 1.0 Vdc. Designed to meet the low voltages demanded by modern high-speed logic and memory devices, the new SLC100 Series is suitable for high-density, distributed power architectures in telecommunications, industrial and data communication systems.

The first two products in the SLC100 Series are the 1.2 Vout and 1.5 Vout devices. Each device can accommodate a wide input-voltage range of between 36 Vdc and 75 Vdc, and is capable of operating at temperatures up to 85 °C without a heatsink. No minimum load is required and the devices feature an isolation-voltage rating of 2,000 Vdc. Output trimming and remote-output sense functions are provided, while a remote on/off capability allows the devices to be turned on and off using either negative or positive logic signals. Thermal shutdown and protection against output over-voltage and over-current conditions are also standard features.

The SLC100 converters offer high levels of on-board functionality, operate with a fixed switching frequency of 400 kHz, and are designed to meet CISPR22/EN55022/FCC15J Class B specifications for EMI levels with external filtering. Efficiency levels are as high as 91 percent, while typical ripple and noise on the output is specified as 75 mV. The operating temperatures for the new converters range from -25 °C to +85 °C. The SLC100 is available in both through-hole and surface mount versions based on C&D’s Position Perfect™ pin technology. Supplied in an industry-standard, quarter brick footprint, the SLC100 offers co-planarity of less than 0.004 in (0.1 mm). Products are shipped in vacuum-formed, anti-static trays for ease of use with automated pick-and-place manufacturing equipment.

Additions to the SLC100 Series will be launched throughout the first half of 2004. Pricing for the SLC100 converters is less than $60 in OEM quantities.

C&D Technologies Inc.
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