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Bellnix POL Non-isolated DC-DC Converters

These Non-isolated, digitally controlled DC-DC converters, featuring wide input voltage, high efficiency, and ultra small footprint, are used and recommended by the world’s largest FPGA manufacturers such as Xilinx and Altera.

The company’s leading POL converter, the BSV series, features an ultra high speed response and output accuracy of ±1%, that can be used to drive both FPGAs and CPUs which are renowned for their sensitivity to noise and require a very stable and clean supply.

Bellnix can also supply its BDA/BDZ series of POL converters, the industry’s cutting edge digital micro module products with the advantage that the normally troublesome and bulky inductor and FET are built in.

These DOSA compatible products feature an added sequential,simultaneousand proportionate tracking capability, and precise setting is possible via the serial communication (PMBus) during operation. The turn-on and turn-off sequence may be set exclusively to a system’s requirements with these highly functional digital power supplies.

The company offers a wide range of power modules to suit a broad range of demanding applications.

Bellnix Co, Ltd.
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