Analog Devices Intros ADP3331 Precision LDO Voltage Regulator

Analog Devices Inc. (Andover, MA) is offering the ADP3331, a new member of the ADP330x family of precision low dropout anyCAP voltage regulators. The ADP3331 operates with an input voltage range of 2.9V to 12V and delivers a load current up to 200mA. The ADP3331 is claimed to feature a novel architecture and an enhanced process which enables it to offer performance advantages and higher output current than its competition. Its patented design requires only a 0.47mF output capacitor for stability, according to Analog Devices. The ADP3331 achieves accuracy of +/- 0.7 percent at room temperature and +/- 1.4 percent overall accuracy over temperature, line and load variations. The dropout voltage of the ADP3331 is 140mV (typical) at 200mA. The device also features safety current limit, thermal overload protection and a shutdown feature. In shutdown mode, the ground current is reduced to less than 2mA. The ADP3331 has quiescent current of 34mA (typical) in light load situations. The device's SOT-23-6 package has been thermally enhanced using Analog Device's proprietary chip-on-lead feature to maximize power dissipation.

Analog Devices Inc.
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