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AC Solar Modules have Integrated Micro-Inverters

Combining a new level of performance and installation flexibility, LG Electronics‘ new “MONO X® ACe” solar module is making its debut at the InterSolar 2014 trade show. Dubbed “PerfectAC™” by LG, the new 305W ac solar module is designed to generate more power per square foot than other solar panels on the market today. The new 60-cell LG AC solar module, launching in the United States this fall, and its integrated high-efficiency micro-inverter deliver a higher ac output than other products currently on the California Energy Commission list of eligible inverters.

“The introduction of the new ac solar module to the U.S. market reflects LG’s significant ongoing research and development investments in solar technology and exemplifies LG’s commitment to continued leadership in the renewable energy field,” said Ellen Kim, senior vice president, energy solutions, LG Electronics USA.

The LG MONO X ACe builds on the success and proven technology of the LG MonoX NeON DC series. “With its 10-year ac module guarantee to the U.S. solar marketplace, customers can buy with confidence from LG, a brand they can trust to be there for them down the road,” said Kim.

Key attributes of the new LG MONO X ACe include all-in-one design, the industry’s highest ac output and “monitoring anywhere” capability: Combining the module and inverter in a single unit provides clean appearance, significantly reduced cable work and increased energy yield. The LG ac module features the world’s highest output among currently available single-module connection micro-inverter products, meaning that it generates more power per square foot. A Web-based monitoring solution allows users to check power generation on a smartphone, tablet or PC through the Internet – anywhere and anytime.

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