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AC- or DC-Input Power Supply Targets Smart Home Applications

MORNSUN Science and Technology Co. Ltd. has launched the LS03-R2S series in SIP package, featured with bare board design, low-cost and compact size measuring 35.0 x 18.0 x 11.0mm. It can be used in electric curtains, electric doors and windows and other automatic control systems for smart homes. The conversion efficiency of LS03-R2S is up to 80%. With 70-400Vdc (85-264Vac) input range, it can be used in both ac- and dc-input applications. There are power selections from 1W, 3W to 5W in this series, with various standard output from 3.3-, 5-, 9-, 12-, 15-, or 24-Vdc, making a complete range of product selections.

In terms of performance, it meets EN60950 and UL60950 certification standards, and has multiple protection functions like over current and output short circuit protections, and so on. In addition, it meets industrial grade design standards, a special conformal coating technology has been adopted, to enhance its performance against dust, moisture and corrosion, therefore the reliability and product service life have been greatly improved. Other than the application in smart home, it is also applicable for industries like industrial control, instrument manufacturing, and so on.

Product features include: Wide input voltage range:85 to 264Vac (70 to 400Vdc); Over current protection and output short circuit protection; Efficiency up to 80% and high power density; Low power consumption and environmental friendly; Industrial grade product design; and the pins can be bent to 90 degrees to reduce the height of the product to 13mm.

Mornsun Guangzhou Science and Technology Ltd.
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