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700W to 1500W Modular Power Supplies have PMBus Interface

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of a PMBus™ communications interface option card for the 700 to 1500W rated QM series of modular power supplies. The PMBus™ (Power Management Bus) option is an open standard digital power management protocol, allowing power devices to communicate with each other. The QM power supplies are available with up to 16 outputs, have full medical MoPPs isolation and low acoustic noise.

The addition of PMBus™ allows the user or system to remotely turn the QM power supplies on and off (inhibit or enable mode), read back their incoming air temperatures, total operating hours, fan speed, fan status and manufacturing details. Up to eight QM power supplies can be connected to one controller.

Included on the option card is a 5V 2A standby output (always on) and a “Fan Fail” signal output. In the event of the fan slowing due to bearing wear, or running fast because the inlet air is restricted, the signal (and interface bus) will indicate that preventative maintenance is required, avoiding costly unplanned equipment downtime.

The communications option can be selected when using the TDK-Lambda “Product Quick Finder” configuration tool. This web-based tool allows users to enter their desired output voltages and currents, select any options and be provided with an eight digit code for simplified quoting and ordering purposes. The program will automatically select the optimum product and configuration.

Major target applications include: Medical, including BF rated equipment, test and measurement, industrial and communications.

TDK Corporation
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