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45V / 100mA General-Purpose Double Transistors in DFN1010

NXP Semiconductors N.V. has enlarged its general-purpose bipolar transistor portfolio with two new, double transistors in DFN1010B-6 (SOT1216). BC847QAS (NPN/NPN) and BC857QAS (PNP/PNP) both offer a 100 mA collector current, 45 V operating voltage and a power dissipation of up to 350 mW. Housed in the ultra-small, leadless DFN1010B-6 package with a footprint of only 1.1 mm² and a package height of only 0.37 mm, these new products offer benchmark performance at this size. This makes them ideally suited to space limited, portable and wearable applications.

The new transistors can be used as replacements for BC8x7-tpyes in SOT363 and SOT666, and together with the previously released NPN/PNP double transistor BC847QAPN, they extend the portfolio of double transistors in DFN1010B-6. These devices are targeted for a variety of applications including general-purpose switching and amplification and space-limited, mobile applications such as tablets, cameras and mobile phones.

NXP Semiconductors N.V.
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