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300W TVS Diodes in a Leadless 2-mm x 2-mm Package

NXP Semiconductors N.V., today announced a new series of six transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes housed in the small, leadless plastic package DFN2020-3 (2 x 2 mm) with a height of only 0.62 mm. The new PTVSxU1UPA product series offers a 300 W peak pulse power rating (10/1000µs) and reverse stand-off voltages from 7.5 to 26 V. The new AEC-Q101 qualified PTVSxU1UPA series is well-suited to protect voltage-sensitive components against transient voltage in various applications, such as the charger port in mobile devices.

Surge pulses from the power supply, for example via a car charger, are a severe threat for the charger port VBUS line of smart phones and other portables. Standard ESD protection devices are no longer sufficient to protect application circuits from damage, and as a result, devices with higher surge robustness are required. The low leakage current of only 1nA reduces the power consumption and helps extending the battery lifetime. Housed in a small leadless DFN2020 package it is designed for products such as mobile phones and notebooks where space is a constraint.

“Mobile devices, such as smartphones, e-readers, tablets and even wearable technology is decreasing in size and there is strong demand for space-saving solutions. This new TVS series addresses the increasing requirements for higher surge robustness for charger ports. With its very small and leadless DFN2020-3 package, it is ideally suited for these mobile devices.” says Henning Riedel, product marketing manager, NXP Semiconductors.

This discrete solution offers superior electrical performance, a higher PCB design flexibility and easier routing than the array of integrated solutions currently available. The new 300W-TVS diodes are available immediately in high-volume production, including product types PTVS7V5U1UPA, PTVS10VU1UPA, PTVS12VU1UPA, PTVS15VU1UPA, PTVS18VU1UPA, and PTVS26VU1UPA.

NXP Semiconductors N.V.
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