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20-A and 30-A Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converters with PMBus

Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI) today introduced 18-V, 20-A and 30-A synchronous dc-dc buck converters with PMBus interface. The SWIFT TPS544B20 and TPS544C20 converters feature small QFN packages and integrated MOSFETs to drive ASICs in space-constrained and power-dense applications in various markets, including wired and wireless communications, enterprise and cloud computing, and data storage systems. The highly-integrated converters feature 0.5 percent reference voltage accuracy and fully differential remote voltage sensing to meet voltage requirements of deep sub-micron processors. Selectable D-CAP™ or D-CAP2™ adaptive on-time control mode is easy to use, provides very-fast load transient response and reduces external component count.

Programmability, real-time monitoring of the output voltage, current and external temperature, and fault reporting via PMBus simplifies power supply design, increases reliability and reduces component count and system cost. For PMBus applications without output voltage, current and board temperature telemetry, TI offers the 12-A SWIFT TPS53915 buck converter.

TPS544B20 and TPS544C20 key features and benefits include: Integrated power MOSFETs support 20-A and 30-A continuous output current. On-chip PMBus interface and non-volatile memory simplify power supply design, provide voltage, current and temperature monitoring, and enable customization of the power supply. Selectable D-CAP or D-CAP2 adaptive on-time control mode eliminates output capacitors and requires no loop compensation, which minimizes the external component count. Other features include internal soft start, input under-voltage protection and thermal shutdown.

The SWIFT buck converters are available in volume now from TI and its authorized distributors. Packaged in a 40-pin, 5-mm by 7-mm by 1-mm QFN package, the 20-A TPS544B20 is priced at US$3.70 and the 30-A TPS544C20 is priced at US$3.90 in 1,000-unit quantities. Order an evaluation module for the TPS544B20 and TPS544C20.

Texas Instruments Incorporated
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