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10A / 600V 3-Phase Motor Drive Development Environment

Infineon now offers the Eval-M1-CM610N3, a complete evaluation board including a 3-phase CIPOS™ Mini Intelligent Power Module (IPM) for motor drive applications. In combination with control-boards equipped with the M1 20pin interface connector, like EVAL-M1-1302 or EVAL-M1-099M, it features and demonstrates Infineon’s CIPOS™ Mini IPM technology for motor drives.

The CIPOS™ Mini IPM in this board is IKCM10H60GA which has 600V of voltage and 10A of current rating. It is optimized to high frequency switching applications like washing machines, fans, and so on.

This evaluation board is designed to give Easy-to-use power stage based on the Infineon’s CIPOS™ Mini Inteligent Power Module (IPM). The board is equipped with all assembly groups for sensorless field oriented control (FOC).

It provides a single-phase ac-connector, rectifier and 3-phase output for for connecting the motor. The power stage also contains emitter shunts for current sensing and a voltage divider for dc-link voltage measurement.

Block diagram of the Eval-M1-CM610N3 (click on image to enlarge)

This evaluation board includes an EMI filter and soft power up circuit, 20 pin iMOTION™ MADK-M1 interface connector, auxiliary power supply to provide 15V and 3.3V, and the CIPOS™Mini IPM IKCM10H60GA.

Eval-M1-CM610N3 is an evaluation board for motor drive applications based on a 3-phase IPM. Combined in a kit with one of the available MADK control board options, it demonstrates Infineon’s IPM technology for motor drives. The kit demonstrates Infineon’s IPM technology for motor drives.

Main features of CIPOS™ Mini IPM IKCM10H60GA are:

  • Maximum blocking voltage VCES= 600V
  • Maximum output current at 25°C case temperature IC= 10A
  • Fully isolated Dual In-Line molded module
  • Rugged SOI gate driver technology with stability against transient and negative voltages
  • Negative potential allowed up to VS = -11V for signal transmission at VBS= 15V
  • Integrated bootstrap functionality
  • Overcurrent shutdown
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Undervoltage lockout at all channels
  • Low side emitter pins accessible for phase current monitoring in open emitter configuration
  • Cross conduction prevention
  • All six switches turn off during protection
  • Lead-free terminal plating; RoHS compliant

The evaluation board characteristics are:

  • Nominal input voltage 220Vac
  • Maximum 750W motor power output
  • On board EMI filter
  • Current sensing for each phase configured by default
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Over temperature hardware protection
  • Sensing of dc-link voltage
  • Thermistor output
  • Fault diagnostic output
  • Measurement test-points compatible to standard oscilloscope probes
  • PCB is 120mm x 120mm and has two layers with 35 μm copper each
  • RoHS complaint
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