ZXRE Series of low power voltage references

Zetex Inc. (Commack, NY) recently introduced the ZXRE Series of low power voltage references with a 0.5 percent tolerance. The series consists of three devices, the ZXRE1004 and the ZXRE125 both designed with a voltage reference of 1.22V, and the ZXRE4041 with an output of 1.225V. Each device is available in the SOT23 surface-mount package, and an SO8 and E-Line (TO92) version are also available. According to Zetex, the typical temperature coefficient is 20ppm/degree C over the operating current range. At an ambient temperature of 25 degrees C, power dissipation figures are quoted as 330, 625 and 500mW for the SOT23, SO8 and E-Line (TO92) types respectively. In quantities of 10,000 pieces, pricing for the devices ranges from $0.35 to $0.80 each.

Zetex Semiconductors
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