Motion Control

Zheda Intros BH-3090/BY-2180/BV-3090 Motors

Zheda Technology and Trading Co. Ltd. (China) has expanded its product portfolio with the release of its new BH-3090, BY-2180 and BV-3090 stepping motors. The BH Series of HB stepping motors features step angles of 1.8°, 0.6°/1.2° and 0.36°/0.72°, voltages of 30V to 300V, and a holding torque of 2Nm to 16Nm.

The BV Series of VR stepping motors has three and five phases, an 80V to 300V voltage, and 2Nm to 12Nm holding torque. The BY Series of PM stepping motors features a 5V to 12V voltage, 64 and 150 moderating ratio, and 0.01Nm to 0.25Nm detent torque.

Minimum orders are in 500-piece quantities, and the lead time is 30 days.

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