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Zetex Semiconductors Offers ZLLS350 Schottky Diode

Zetex Semiconductors (UK), a subsidiary of Zetex plc (Chadderton, Oldham), announced its new ZLLS350 schottky barrier diode, with typical and maximum reverse current ratings at 30 V of 1 µA and 4 µA, respectively, which helps extend battery life in a broad range of applications – from chargers to LED drivers.

With a low forward voltage - specified at a typical of 380 mV for a forward current of 30 mA - the 40 V rated ZLLS350 miniature SOD 523 device has an increased maximum permissible operating temperature from 125 °C up to 150 °C. Current handling is also high, with continuous forward current quoted at 380 mA. The schottky features a 1.7 mm x 0.9 mm footprint to help reduce board size, and its 0.8 mm off-board height addresses height restrictions.

With 100% matte tin-plated external pins, the ZLLS350 is designated lead-free and is supplied in 3,000-unit and 10,000-unit tape-and-reel packages. The ZLLS350 low-leakage schottky diode is priced at $0.125 in quantities of 10,000 units.

Zetex plc
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